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Deciding to seek legal help for any reason can put you in a vulnerable position, perhaps even more so when that reason is planning your estate, starting a business, or a family law matter. Personal investment is significant and emotions can run high. As entrepreneurs with families of our own, we get that. Coupled with our combined 40+ years of experience, it’s exactly what makes us so well suited to handle your estate planning, business startup needs, or a family law matter.

If that kind of insight and sensitivity makes us sound a little different from other law firms, great. We are! Hall Thomas Legal is a team of unpretentious, Texas-bred-and-trained lawyers looking to do the best work we possibly can in the shortest amount of time possible at a fair and reasonable market rate. Call us today and let’s work together.

Business Formation Services

If you run a business generating more than $20,000 in profit annually and/or are an individual needing to protect your personal assets from the debts and liabilities of your business, you need the services of Hall Thomas Legal. MORE


Along with taxes (which we also handle), death is a 100% certainty for us all. So being prepared for this eventuality with even a modest amount of estate planning can make getting through a difficult and highly emotional time a little easier for loved ones. MORE


Sooner or later, you or a loved on will pass away. After grieving the loss of a loved one, it will be time to handle the affairs of his/her estate. Hall Thomas Legal can guide you through the process at the most cost effective way. Call us for a free legal consultation. MORE

Family Law

When you need assistance with a legal matter involving any aspect of family law, including divorce cases, child support cases, pre and postnuptial arrangements, or post-divorce modifications, Hall Thomas Legal has the experience, and result driven dedication to successfully handle your case. MORE

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